WNY HBLA Recyles Money

One-Stop Giving

The HBLA, Buffalo's Jewish Free Loan Society, relies on the support of its members and donors in order to make interest-free loans to members of our WNY Jewish community.

Contributions increase our lending capacity and become part of our loan cycle. As loans are given and others are repaid, funds that were used get replenished and become available to be lent again. Each dollar contributed to the HBLA circulates repeatedly:  Recycling at its finest.

HBLA also welcomes tributes in honor or in memory of loved ones. Acknowledgements of tributes will be sent as designated by the contributor.

Click Donate Now below to make a secure contribution directly to HBLA. No service fee or processing charge will be deducted from your gift. 100% of your contribution will be credited to the HBLA.

You will receive an email confirmation of your contribution by the close of the next business day.