What IS the Hebrew Benevolent Loan Association?

  • We are Western New York's Jewish Free Loan Society, a non-profit organization with an old-fashion sounding name, yet a mission as timely today as it was when the HBLA was founded more than a century ago.

What is HBLA's mission?

  • We loan money, interest-free, to Jewish residents of Western New York to help meet life's needs.

What is HBLA's history?

  • HBLA was one of the first Jewish free loan societies established in the U.S. Founded in 1897, it provided financial assistance to Jewish immigrants arriving from Eastern Europe, helping them start their lives anew.

For what purposes are HBLA loans made?

  • The list of reasons HBLA loans are made is as diverse as the needs of our borrowers.

How is HBLA funded?

  • HBLA's funds come from membership dues, donations, and interest from investments made on behalf of HBLA. Our funds are managed professionally by the Foundation for Jewish Philanthropies.

Who runs the HBLA?

  • HBLA is run by an all-volunteer local board of directors elected by HBLA members.

How can I help to further HBLA's goals?

  • By telling those you know that HBLA has funds ready to be lent to qualified borrowers.
  • By becoming a member of HBLA (annual dues $36; life membership $360).
  • By making a charitable contribution; perhaps to commemorate a life-cycle event or pay tribute.

Where can I get more information about the HBLA?